Find out everything you need to know about Streaming Services. Discover their prices and plans, catalogs, consumption trends, most demanded movies & series and piracy monitoring.


Guide of all Streaming Services in existence around the world with all the key information in just one place.

More than 150K Streaming Services monitored around the world.

User experience across Streaming Services, their functionalities, devices and the revenue models offered to them.


Streaming Services’ commercial strategies and alliances monitored in real time.

Plans of the Streaming Platforms: business models, prices, devices, functionalities, and ways to access.

Offers, promotions, discounts and free content, identified in real time, plus the image of the original communication.

Alerts that notify when competitors change the way they communicate their promotions.


IDs from each Streaming Service and from other universal data bases.

Douban, EIDR, IMDB, Kinopoisk, SensCritique, TMDB, TVDB and more.

Coverage of every title available in each Streaming Platform and country.


Streaming Platforms’ both standardized and raw metadata to optimize buying and selling strategies.

Monitoring of +4,500 Streaming Services in 250 countries and territories.

Trends in content production, distribution and programming.

Most awarded and nominated movies and series in the industry.

Advertisers and Ads in each title and their variables: type of roll, business model, type of ad, frequency and duration.


The Streaming market from the view of their users: online content consumption, behaviors, users per Streaming Service, devices and more.

Subscription drivers and churn prevention tactics and strategies, following the consumer’s journey while acquiring a service.

Most streamed content and popularity per market.

Streaming audience measurement, reach and frequency, viewed minutes and more.


Tools to assist in legal actions against piracy of content and channels on the Internet.

Identifying of infringing Platforms, their names, owners, number of users and economic impact.

Implementation of methods to limit pirate service’s revenue, plus blocking of servers and IPs used to distribute stolen content.


Glimpse into the future of the ever changing media and entertainment landscape.

Analysis of different services: Pay TV, Broadband and Platforms, business model penetration, evolution and projections.

Detecting Pay TV main characteristics, such us subscribers, cord cutters, providers, income, users per revenue model.

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