Exploring APAC's Content Preferences: The Power of Homegrown Stories

A deep dive into the rise of Local Content

Did you know that in the fourth quarter of 2023, there was a remarkable surge in the consumption of local content across the APAC region? An astonishing 91% of online users in the region reported watching locally produced movies and series. This preference sets APAC apart from other regions, where the inclination for local content was lower: 80% in UCAN and 77% in EMEA.

Among all countries in the region, China demonstrates the strongest preference, with an astonishing 96% favoring local content. This comes as no surprise, especially when considering the regulatory landscape we explored in previous posts regarding the Chinese Streaming Market. With stringent regulations and censorship rules in place, international platforms face significant hurdles in entering the market. Consequently, all major platforms are strictly based in China and feature locally produced contents.

Interestingly, even in countries where foreign platforms have managed to establish themselves in the market, there’s an affinity for local content. Thailand stands out next, with a 91% preference, closely followed by Indonesia and India at 89%.

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Delving deeper into the preferences, it’s noteworthy that in China, Japan, and South Korea among the top five top-of-mind series, all titles are locally produced. In India, three out of five are local, while in Indonesia and Thailand, the number decreases to two titles. On the movie front, foreign titles dominate, except in China and India, where locally produced films make up 80% and 60% of the top picks, respectively. Overall, the APAC region exhibits a strong inclination towards local series, while maintaining a higher acceptance for foreign content in the realm of movies.

Streaming platforms seeking to expand their presence in the APAC region should consider the strong preference for locally produced content among online users. Incorporating homegrown stories into their catalog or partnering with local production companies could be an effective strategy to attract users in this region.

TOP HITS April 2024


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