Exploring the SVOD Market Dynamics in EMEA: A Year in Review

Curious about how the SVOD market evolved in the EMEA region throughout 2023? Let's dive in!

International giants take the lead: Netflix and Amazon Prime Video maintained their stronghold as the top two players in the market, dominating throughout the year. By the fourth quarter, Disney+ managed to secure the third spot with a 7% market share.

Stability vs. Fluctuation: Market share trends varied across countries. In the United Kingdom, Italy, and Spain, the top five players remained consistent throughout the year. In France, industry titans Disney+ and Apple TV+ continued their ascent, securing spots among the top providers. Meanwhile, in Germany, Disney+’s share was eclipsed by DAZN.

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Dynamic Shifts and Local Preferences: While Amazon Prime Video maintained its dominance alongside Netflix, its presence diminished in Finland, eventually dropping out of the top 5 by the fourth quarter. Notably, the Finnish market showcased a unique preference for local content, with Ruutu—a local platform—capturing a significant 19% share, trailing behind Netflix’s leading 35%.

The SVOD market in EMEA is dynamic and continuously evolving. As industry players navigate these shifts, understanding local nuances and catering to diverse tastes will be crucial for sustained success in this culturally diverse region.


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