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Crunchyroll adjusts global rates and reduces free trial to 7 days

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At the beginning of May, Crunchyroll, the anime streaming platform owned by Sony Group Corporation, implemented significant changes to its subscription prices and offers worldwide. In countries like Argentina, the increase was exponential, exceeding 1,000%. In contrast, Colombia experienced a 13.42% reduction in prices. However, there was a general trend of price increases, with hikes of up to 20% in Europe and the US. Additionally, in some African countries, prices increased by more than 100%. 

Furthermore, the free trial offer was reduced from 14 to 7 days for all subscription plans worldwide. This measure might be aimed at keeping users more committed and preventing them from trying multiple services for a long period at no cost. This tactic can help Crunchyroll improve user retention and increase the conversion of paid subscribers, especially in such a competitive market. 

Netflix increased its prices: the cost of diversifying content? 

Netflix continues to raise its prices in various regions worldwide. In April, price increases were observed in Germany and Switzerland, and this month Brazil, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Australia joined the list. The price hikes range from 7% to 18.76%. One of the factors justifying these increases is the addition of new and valuable content. Recently, Netflix announced that, for the first time, it will include sports content, being the global home for the two main NFL games on Christmas Day. This type of exclusive content is part of Netflix’s strategy to diversify and enrich its offerings, attracting a broader audience. 

This constant renewal and acquisition of content, including the mentioned sports events, justify the sustained increase in subscription value while allowing the company to invest in high-quality content. 

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Note: The prices listed in this message are those reported by the streaming platforms.

OSN+ optimizes its platform with new feature

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After completing the acquisition of the music and entertainment streaming platform Anghami in April, OSN+, a video content broadcaster based in MENA, implemented a significant change in its interface. This update focused on clearly highlighting the features of each subscription plan, making it easier for users to understand the specifics and benefits of each option when deciding on their subscription. This strategy aims to improve the user experience by providing a more intuitive and detailed presentation of the services offered, ensuring that potential customers can make informed decisions based on their specific needs and preferences. 

Apple TV+ offers discounts on MLS plans to attract more subscribers 

Following its successful partnership with MLS (Major League Soccer) last year, Apple TV+ continues to hold the global broadcasting rights for the league. Although some matches can be viewed on local channels depending on each country’s licenses and partnerships, Apple Inc. maintains the global monopoly on MLS broadcasts. 

At the beginning of May, the platform offered a 25% discount on MLS season plans. This discount serves as a tactic to incentivize new subscribers to join and not miss key events like the Leagues Cup and playoffs, especially now that the season is already underway. Additionally, this measure seeks to increase the subscriber base by attracting new soccer fans, who might have been undecided about subscribing by offering them an attractive financial incentive. 

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Paramount+ joins Prime Video in Japan 

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In mid-May, a new partnership between Paramount+ and Prime Video was launched in Japan. Prime Video subscribers, who pay a monthly plan of USD 3.82, will have the option to add Paramount+ for USD 3.48 during the first month if they subscribe before July 16th. Subsequently, the cost will be USD 4.97. 

The Paramount+ service was launched in Japan on December 1st, 2023, and is available at no additional cost through J:COM and WOWOW Inc., the country’s leading cable TV operators and premium channels. Japan was the second market in Asia to receive this service, after Korea. 

This strategic alliance responds to the growing demand for a more integrated and convenient experience for subscribers. 

Max arrives in Europe with sports content and new ad-supported plans 

Max, following its successful launch in the US and in Latin America, is now launching in Europe, with presence in 25 countries in the region and 65 countries worldwide. The first territories to enjoy the service were Spain, Portugal, the Nordic countries, Central and Eastern Europe, followed by France, Poland, the Netherlands, and Belgium. It is expected that Max will soon be available in Southeast Asia. 

The streaming platform has added the possibility of viewing sports content in Europe, following the model implemented in the US. This content includes global events from Eurosport, significantly adding value to Max’s offering and helping to retain its subscribers. 

The inclusion of sports content on the platform is a key strategy to attract an audience that is not currently concentrated on any specific platform. This type of content diversifies Max’s catalog, establishing it as a pioneering platform that fills a gap in the streaming market. This allows Warner Bros. Discovery to capture sports fans and offer a live viewing experience, creating a more complete and competitive entertainment offering. 

In the Nordic countries, in addition to the inclusion of sports content, Max has added an ad-supported plan, similar to what was implemented in Latin America. This hybrid model combines subscription and advertising, responding to the trend of diversification in streaming business models. These plans allow offering more affordable options for users, maintaining service quality, and expanding the subscriber base by adapting to various preferences and needs. 

Additionally, Max’s premium plans in Europe feature advanced characteristics, including 4K UHD, Dolby Atmos, 100 downloads, and the possibility of viewing on 4 devices simultaneously. Furthermore, Max will includes all HBO Max titles, along with Discovery content, and the previously mentioned global sports events from Eurosport. 

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How much does it cost to subscribe to sony one through Prime Video in Latin America? 

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In April, Sony announced the launch of its FAST streaming service Sony One, which will offer free, ad-supported access to a wide variety of streaming channels on selected TVs. This service will expand in several European countries. Coinciding with this announcement, in mid-May, Prime Video users in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico will be able to access Sony One through the additional channels offered by this platform, being able to test the content through a 7-day free trial. Another way to access Sony content in Latin America is through various TV providers like Claro, DGO, Flow and Sky Brazil, among others, depending on the country. 

The launch of Sony One in Latin America represents significant growth for both Sony and Prime Video. In the last month, Prime Video has incorporated additional plans like Playkids Learning and Stingray in the region, and throughout the year, it has added several new channels. This strategy of diversification and specialization in content demonstrates the platform’s commitment to offering a wider range of options for its users. The introduction of Sony One offers personalized options to attract and retain subscribers, highlighting the constant innovation of streaming platforms in response to the need to adapt and stand out in an increasingly competitive market. 


What are the subscription prices for Sony One?

  • In Brazil: BRL 14.9 (USD 2.92) 
  • In Colombia: COP 9,900 (USD 2.56) 
  • In Chile: CLP 2,900 (USD 3.21) 
  • In Mexico: MXN 59 (USD 3.54) 

New Transactional Plan on DGO Argentina 

In the first week of May, DGO introduced a new TVOD business model in Argentina for a limited time. This model allows users to purchase the Boca vs. Trinidense match, along with DGO’s open channels for USD 6.20. 

Looking ahead, this approach could expand to other countries in the region where DIRECTV operates and include different specific content in Argentina, such as other football matches, music events, movies, or series episodes. Platforms like Flow, Movistar TV, and Claro Video already use this business model. 

The inclusion of this new model in DGO stands out for offering users greater flexibility and a more personalized experience, allowing them to pay only for the content they want. This benefits both the users, by meeting their demands, and the platform, which can generate higher revenues. 

The changes made this month demonstrate the streaming platforms’ quest to improve and offer new options to remain competitive in the market. Will we see this business model in other platforms? Will these new plans manage to attract more subscribers to the platform, or will users only limit their consumption to specific content without committing to a subscription? 

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