Streaming Platform Preferences Across Age Ranges

Discover the consume behaviour from Gen Z to Boomers

In the fourth quarter of 2023, we witnessed a direct correlation between users’ age and the average number of streaming platforms they use. In the course of three months, younger demographics aged 25-34, led the way viewing contents in 7 different platforms on average. However, as users mature, their platform usage gradually declines.

This trend remains consistent at a regional level, with younger generations across all regions using more platforms compared to older generations. Notably, in UCAN, users tend to consume a higher number of streaming services on average compared to other regions. In LATAM and APAC online contents are mostly watched on Smartphones, while in UCAN and EMEA Smart TVs take the lead as the most used devices.

So, why the stark contrast between generations? One contributing factor that stands out is the prevalent practice of account sharing. Across regions, younger users are more inclined to share accounts, granting access to a diverse array of platforms and content, all while mitigating the financial strain associated with subscribing to numerous streaming platforms simultaneously.


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