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Discover the Top 5 Interfaces of Streaming Platforms around the World!

On the streaming war, the platforms compete constantly to be the user’s top of mind, but how much are they really focusing on their experience? In their latest analysis, BB Media curated a Top 5 interfaces 

For this analysis, BB Media rated the Streaming Services with a score from 1 to 10 according to 50 functionalities such as predictive search as you type, content classified by filters, the option of multiprofile, the possibility to skip the content intro, the existence of parental controls, advanced trick modes on the player such as go forward or repeat content and download content, coming to the following ranking: 

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Top 5: Magenta TV, Germany

The platform obtained a score of 7. Among its functionalities, the platform has interesting ones such as allowing users to filter inside other filters, meaning users can filter content on the main home by a genre such as “Romance” and then filter inside it by another filter like “Western”, reducing the catalog to only content categorized as “Romance Western”. And another curious feature identified by BB Media is that this platform lets users know the number of titles inside the filter. For example, next to “Romance Western” it will appear “(2)” indicating two titles available for that selection. The last feature that stands out in Magenta TV is the possibility for users to record programs and episodes that are being live streamed. 

Top 4: Hulu, US

The platform scored a 7.5. Among the most outstanding functionalities, users can sort by “Trending searches, offering content classified by filters of channels such as FX. Users can also find the option to filter by “Upcoming” content to see what the platform will add soon. Meanwhile on the player, Hulu has the possibility to customize subtitles, meaning users can change the size or color of the subtitle. The functions that stand out the most are that the platform offers on the main home a “Top 15” of content contrary to most platform that have a “Top 10”, letting know users how many episodes left they have to watch, the possibility to minimize the player and have picture in picture inside the streaming platform and the function of playing aleatory content with the button “Play Next” on the Smartphone. 

Top 3: Amazon Prime Video, LATAM

BB Media identified that the platform had a redesign of its interface in 2022, making it easier for users to navigate and adding new functionalities to the platform. Currently, it checks a score of 8. The most interesting features can be found on the player: the possibility to Zoom from a Smartphone, which is unique of Amazon Prime Video, offering information on the player, going from what song is playing in the current scene and which actors are appearing, to trivias about the content. A remarkable feature is the audio boost, meaning they can turn down the atmospheric sounds or the soundtrack and turn up the voices in the content audio. And last but not least, while in the player, the users can find on the info sections of some original contents biographs of the fictional characters, to catch up with new seasons. 

Top 2: Max, US

The platform scored an 8.5, offering most of the relevant features. Among the outstanding features, the platform offers the production company on the metadata contents. Max also allows users to customize subtitles from the settings and lets the user know, with a sign on the player, that they can find it there. The users can find on Max a sports section, to access all the content about sports from races, matches or various competitions, to fiction about sports. On the other hand, the platform offers suggested content on the browser organized in categories. And lastly, users can find at the end of the main home a filter for content with audio description on the main home. A nice touch is that Max has an image assigned to every filter, and once the users enter the filter, the background of that section changes. 

Top 1: Netflix, LATAM

The streaming platform has scored a 9 in BB Media’s analysis. Among the most outstanding features the platform offers are other content categories, besides classic genres, with very originals names. It gives users the option to like the content at the end of it before suggesting something else to watch next. In the OTT, it’s easy to find various filters from classic genres to categories made by Netflix. From the player, it allows users to change the speed of the content and customize subtitles by size and color. On the main home, users can see a News Section with notifications that they can set. This last months, Netflix added “My Netflix”, a new section consolidating downloads, user-list items, continue-watching carousel, recent views, series preferences, and watched trailers. Also, now, some categories have emojis on its name. And the last interesting feature of the Top 1, is that users can search on the browser for actors or titles and find a collection/universe feature to filter. 

Special mentions

Other platforms have some unique functionalities that deserve a special mention:  

  • IQIYI, from China, allows users to play games from the website and suggests content on the player. 
  • Apple TV+, from the US, offers filters by cast and crew on the browser and, once the users search for content, they can filter by Top Results, Movies, TV Shows. Users can also add content to a “Watch Next” list, meaning the content added to list will start playing when what they are watching ends. 
  • Paramount+, from the US offers a “Top 20” of contents on the main home and the possibility to filter by production company. 
  • WOW, from Germany, offers users a Kids Mode with a horizontal interface, since kids use the screen on this position, besides a look and feel made for children. 
  • Peacock, from the US, which allows users to go to the next episode from the player on FAST channels of TV Shows, but it only allows users to advance up to a certain number of episodes and they cannot play the episode before the currently broadcast one. 

Although the user experience is a topic that platforms keep in mind and try to keep updated, there is still a significant journey ahead as some functionalities aren’t even considered more secure parental controls that don’t depend on only the user’s password, or a kid’s profile with an interface specifically made for children and made easy for them. BB Media develops an analysis that provides consulting to prospects who are looking to improve their Streaming Platform interfaces or who would like to understand what the market and their competitors offer. 


BB Media is a global Data Science company, specializing in Media and Entertainment for over 37 years. BB Media monitors +4,500 streaming services in 250 countries and territories, their prices, plans, packages and commercial offers. In addition, all film and series catalogues, including standard metadata. Streaming services, networks, programmers, cable operators, agencies, advertisers, studios, distributors, content APPs and technology companies rely on BB Media’s information and value-added analysis to make strategic decisions.     

BB Media has offices in USA, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Italy and the Netherlands.


BB Media | UX&UI | 1Q 2024

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