Learn about the penetration levels of Pay TV, the landscape of its market, the offer of Pay TV providers, ratings and subscriber demand, as well as piracy and commercial packages.



Analysis of the Pay TV market, the amount of subscribers, penetration, market share by providers, subscription value, lineup and channels.

Detailed analysis on the Pay TV experience in Latin American and Caribbean countries, establishing the structure and composition of each one.

Evolution and distribution: irregularities, trends, the ratio of subscribers, plus the adoption of satellite or cable transmission.


Pay TV providers’ commercial offer, monitored by company, group, services and packages, type of client, prices and monthly cost.

Monthly subscription fees, including cash, credit or debit card price, promotions, additional charges, installation and maintenance fees.

Subscription Value: average price that households pay to access the Pay TV service and how the Annual Income generated in the industry evolves over the years.


Subscriber’s universe by households, preference on analog or digital services, and who chooses Premium and / or HD services.

Coverage per channel, identified by country, the number of subscribers it has, the package it belongs to and its total reach.

Packages per provider, total of subscribers without piracy and without underreporting.


Audience measurement in Latin America, combining Return Path Data from +75K households with census-level audience from linear and non-linear services.

Assessment of individual TV signals based on ratings by time slots and time of day.

Analysis of programming grids and performance of movies and series, identifying high performers, new releases, live broadcasts and average time spent.

Sports focus: diagnostics of the most relevant international events broadcast, their results, length and highlights.


Glimpse into the future of the ever changing media and entertainment landscape.

Analysis of different services: Pay TV, Broadband and Platforms, business model penetration, evolution and projections.

Detecting Pay TV main characteristics, such us subscribers, cord cutters, providers, income, users per revenue model.


Outsourcing of accounting and physical audits to detect illegal practices in the industry.

Accounting audit: control of accounting records, tax information of the cable operator, composition of clients, consistency between prices by number of subscribers reported.

Technical audit: monitoring of the wiring, posts and taps, coordinates of each global position, state of connections and detection of visible piracy.

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