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Evolving German Preferences: The Rise of FAST and AVOD Platforms

With subscription prices in Germany continuing to consistently increase, German users have been forced to consider more cost-effective options available in the market. FAST and AVOD have become the go-to alternatives among users in Germany, offering free add supported quality experiences. Similarly to countries like the UK, AVOD’s penetration has been steadily growing, going from 49% in the second quarter of 2022 to 60% in the fourth quarter of 2023. Among all age groups, users aged 25 to 44 showed the strongest preference for this revenue model.

FAST penetration, on the other hand, reached a strong 31% by the end of 2023. But what do users in Germany seek to consume on FAST? Sports emerged as the favorite genre among German FAST users.

Players in the streaming market have responded to consumers’ increasing needs for cheaper ad-supported options, especially catering to their sporting needs. Check out some of the latest highlights:

On December 2023, DAZN has launched a free tier for registered users, giving them free access to a selection of live and non-live content.

More FAST Channels added to Amazon Freevee: Wedotv launched Wedo Movies, Wedo Big Stories and Wedo Sports. German film distributor Kinostar added “Turk” showcasing Turkish movies. Rakuten TV introduces “Freitag Nacht News,” a comedy channel showcasing a variety of sketches styled as fictional news segments, delivered by German comedians.

TOP HITS April 2024

German Broadcasters join the FAST game in collaboration with Samsung TV Plus: Sport1 has launched Sport1 Motor, a platform streaming documentaries and other programs centered around automobiles, encompassing topics ranging from electric vehicles to luxury sports cars. Sportdigital Fußball has released the Scooore FAST channel, offering access to football-related documentaries and curated live matches from international football tournaments. Chef Jamie Oliver launched The Jamie Oliver Channel featuring a variety of shows  with contents that include a variety of quick recipes.

StoryZoo introduces the StoryZoo & Friends FAST channel, a specialized channel designed for children, with a primary focus on blending education and entertainment. This channel aims to promote valuable lessons and knowledge through characters that embody positive and wholesome values.

Insight TV launches four FAST channels –INWILD, INFAST, INTROUBLE and INWONDER– available on Titan OS.

Stingray, a music and video content platform, has introduced five FAST channels on Xiaomi TV+: Stingray Naturescape, Qello Concerts by Stingray, Stingray Karaoke, Stingray CMusic, and Stingray Classica. These channels offer viewers a diverse selection of classical music, concert films, documentaries, operas, and ballets.


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