Ad-Hoc Reports

Have a better understanding of the industry by participating in the monitoring process, navigating through our data and posing game-changing questions.



Interpretation of the user’s voice into meaningful insights conducted via online panels for consumers of Streaming Services.

Knowledge on the Streaming lifestyle: penetration, market share, habits, most valued content, drivers and barriers, the price of the services that clients see in their bills, and more.

News of the industry and their impact on consumers, how many of them are subscribed to the most recently launched Platform, what they think of their content and usability.


Understanding of users’ habits regarding other activities that may compete for their attention and spending allocation.

Dynamics of existing demands according to demographic profile, preferred means of consumption, share of time and share of wallet.

Comprehensive and integrative view, recollecting the data though online panel surveys in selected countries, enabling a better grasp of consumption in its entirety.


Building of data intelligence through different dimensions: new services, announcement of titles in production, Streaming supply by region, to mention just a few.

Curation of specific information tailored to each need, by identifying nuances with added value and market trends.

Variety of deliverables, adapting to the client’s project or use case, and presenting insights in any requested file format.


Designing and implementation of strategies, with thorough advice on the media and telecommunications industry.

Optimizing business decisions by identifying new partners and unexploited segments, while also enhancing efficiency, profitability, and management control.

Analysis of market changes such as mergers, acquisitions, new revenue models, and modifications in Streaming Services.

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