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New Offers on Paramount+


At the end of March, Paramount+ launched a 50% discount offer on its monthly plan in some countries in Europe, including Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, for a short period. This same offer was available at the end of last year in those countries.


How are the new Premium plans of Paramount+ in France?


On March 14th, a significant move was detected by Paramount+ in France: the launch of new premium plans, which complement the existing monthly and annual standard options offered by the streaming platform. These new plans have a cost of EUR $10.99 per month or EUR $97.90 annually, representing an increase of 38% over the monthly plan and a rise of 23% compared to the Standard annual plan.

The premium plans grant users the ability to enjoy content on up to 4 devices simultaneously, in addition to offering exceptional picture quality in 4K UHD, HDR10, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos. This strategic decision focuses on improving the user experience and contributes to subscriber retention in a highly competitive market. It is relevant to mention that the same plans were available in Brazil, Canada, Australia, and Mexico since November last year, demonstrating Paramount+‘s commitment to global expansion and continuous improvement of its services.

In the realm of streaming, where the supply is vast and users consider economic factors when making decisions, the platform’s adaptability has become fundamental for its survival. This move by Paramount+ follows the example of Netflix, renowned for its variety of plans with diverse features and differentiated prices.

New Alliance between DIA and Disney+ in Spain

On March 22nd, an alliance was detected in Spain, between the supermarket DIA and Disney+. As part of this agreement, the members of DIA CLUB receive benefits when subscribing to an annual plan of Disney+ (either Standard for €89.90 per year or Premium for €119.90 per year): they receive €15 discount at DIA for purchases. The attractive offer driven by the multinational supermarket chain DIA, based in Spain and with a presence in Argentina, Brazil, and Portugal, has a bilateral effect. On one hand, it encourages Spanish customers to subscribe to the DIA CLUB by offering them discounts on their purchases. On the other hand, it benefits Disney+ by attracting customers who visit the supermarkets, encouraging them to acquire the subscription to access its content.


Similar alliances were also spotted in other countries. In the USA, for example, Walmart+ offers a premium subscription that includes benefits with Paramount+. Furthermore, in France in January between Carrefour+ and Netflix. The strategy demonstrates how the convergence between people’s daily needs and online entertainment can offer unique marketing opportunities that result in increased commercial collaborations.

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What is the price of Netflix in Nigeria?

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On March 6th, an increase in the prices of Netflix in Nigeria was detected. The Mobile plan increased from NGN $1,200 (USD $0.81) to NGN $1,600 (USD $1.09), the Standard plan, originally at NGN $3,600 (USD $2.51), currently has a final price of NGN $4,000 (USD $2.79), and the Premium plan rose from NGN $4,400 (USD $3.07) to NGN $5,000 (USD $3.49). These plans had not seen their prices modified since 2021. It is worth mentioning that the basic plan remained unchanged at NGN $2,900 (USD $2.02).

New Offer from MAX in the USA

Max launched an offer in the USA on its three annual plans, valid from March 14th to April 9th, 2024. This offer provides a discount of more than 40% if users opt for the option of an early annual prepayment. This is one of the few offers that Max has offered since its launch in the USA.

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Disney+ adds its new Premium plans in the APAC region

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In the first week of March, premium plans were introduced in Australia and New Zealand, after being launched in Canada and some countries in Europe. These new plans have been designed to improve functionalities and provide a more personalized experience to the user. One of their advantages is that it allows simultaneous viewing on up to four devices, in contrast to standard plans that only include two simultaneous devices, in addition to providing video quality in 4K UHD. These improvements are designed to meet users’ changing expectations in order to provide them with a more complete and satisfying streaming experience. The new plans represent an increase of 28% compared to the Standard subscription.

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New Offer on Disney+ in Europe and Canada

Disney+ launched a promotional offer in countries such as Denmark, Norway, Spain, the UK, Canada, France, and Italy, with a special price for 3 months for its Standard plan with Ads. This promotion was available until March 14th and allowed users to save over 60% compared to the regular price.

This offer, accompanied by the exciting titles that premiered in March, such as “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour (Taylor’s Version)”, the animated series “X-Men ’97”, and the critically acclaimed multi-award-winning “Poor Things”, proved to be an additional incentive for users to subscribe to the plan. The combination of an attractive offer and quality content may have driven the acquisition of new subscribers and continued interest in the Disney+ platform.

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Increase of Amazon Prime Video in Brazil and Paraguay


On March 11th, Amazon Inc.‘s platform implemented a price increase in Brazil. The monthly plan went from BR $14.90 (USD $2.97) to BR $19.90 (USD $3.97), while the annual plan increased from BR $119 (USD $23.79) to BR $166.90 (USD $33.37), representing an increase of over 30%. This price adjustment marks the first increase since mid-2022. Additionally, a new additional plan called Universal+ was introduced at BR $29.90 (USD $5.97) per month. This plan had been added last month in the region in countries like Colombia, Mexico, and Chile.

On the other hand, in Paraguay, a 36% increase in the monthly subscription was also recorded, going from PYG $24,900 (USD $3.34) to PYG $33,900 (USD $4.55). It is worth noting that this increase is the first in over three years.


New offers in Latin America

In Brazil, Colombia, Chile, and Mexico, Amazon Prime Video has added offers on additional plans of services like Pure Adrenaline, Looke, Mubi, Mgm+, Universal+, among others. These special offers provide a promotional price for the first two months, meaning the plans are available at half their usual value during this initial period. This aims to incentivize users to try new services and experience new content at a reduced initial cost.

Colombia introduces its additional Max plan

On March 15th, Amazon Prime Video in Colombia incorporated the new additional plan of Max. The Max service was launched in Latin America on February 27th. This strategic alliance allows users to access both platforms, in response to a growing need to offer a more integrated and convenient experience for subscribers, providing them access to a wider variety of content from a single platform.

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netflix con sticker Uruguay

On March 6th, an increase in Netflix in Uruguay was detected: the Basic plan went from USD $8.99 to USD $9.99, the Standard plan from USD $12.99 to USD $13.99, and the Premium plan from USD $15.99 to USD $17.99. This was the first price change the platform made since 2022.

What is the price of Disney+ and Star+ in Argentina?

On March 6th, a significant increase was recorded for the platforms Disney+ and Star+ in Argentina. In the case of Disney+, the monthly plan doubled from ARS $1,999 to ARS $3,999, while the annual plan increased from ARS $17,949 to ARS $35,899.

On the other hand, in Star+, the monthly plan went from AR $3,699 to AR $6,249, while the annual plan increased from AR $33,199 to AR $56,099, representing an increase of around 69%. As for the Combo+, its price rose from AR $3,999 to AR $6,399, representing a 60% increase.

It is important to highlight that Star+ will be discontinued throughout Latin America as of June 30th, 2024. Instead, its content will merge with Disney+, to offer users an integrated and enriched experience.

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How much is Max in Mexico?

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Almost a month after the launch of Max, adjustments have been made to the prices of annual plans. The Standard plan increased in price from MXN $1,779 to MXN $1,788, the Basic plan with ads went from MXN $1,179 to MXN $1,188, while the Platinum plan decreased from MXN $2,397 to MXN $2,388. Warner Bros. Discovery‘s decision to modify prices shortly after the launch could be interpreted as a response to the lack of subscriptions to these plans, and it is noted that the company quickly responded to adapt to consumer demands.

Increase in Paramount+ in Latin America

At the beginning of March, increases ranging from 8% to 26% were recorded in Paramount+ subscriptions for Latin America, in countries such as Paraguay, Honduras, Panama, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Costa Rica, and Guatemala. In the last days of February, price changes had already been observed in Colombia and Chile.

This month, the platform announced on its social networks the launch of various movies and series, including “Paw Patrol: The Movie”, “The Return of the Thundermans”, “Dora: Say Hola to the Adventure”, “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”, “Blooming”, “RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 16”, “Penny Dreadful Seasons 1 to 3”, and “CSI Cyber Seasons 1 and 2”.

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Note: The prices listed in this message are those reported by the streaming platforms.


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