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Netflix is changing its prices in Europe: How much does Netflix cost in Germany and Switzerland?

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 On April 15th, an increase in Netflix prices was detected in Germany: The Standard plan went from USD 13.83 to USD 14.90, and the Premium plan increased from USD 19.16 to USD 21.29. This was the first price change the platform made since 2022. The platform continues to have the most expensive subscription plans in the country. 

In Switzerland, the plans also underwent modifications. The Basic plan went from USD 13.05 to USD 14.15, the Standard plan increased from USD 20.73 to USD 22.92, and the Premium plan raised from USD 27.31 to USD 30.60. The platform had not changed its prices since late 2022. 

Prime Video introduces Ad-Free Service in more countries 

Following its initial launch in the US and subsequent expansion to Germany, Austria, Great Britain, and Canada, the add-on that removes ads from Prime Video subscription plans arrived in Mexico, Spain, France, and Italy in the first weeks of April. 

During 2023, platforms like Netflix and Disney+ introduced new plans with ads in several countries, reflecting the growing importance of this new business model. Following this trend, Prime Video joined in offering the option to remove limited ads from its plans. It is expected that this option will continue to expand to other countries in the coming months. 

This strategy benefits platforms as this plan generates additional revenue that can be reinvested in improving content. Furthermore, it allows greater flexibility in Prime Video plan offerings, giving users the autonomy to choose whether they want to remove ads or not. However, it is important to consider that ad intrusiveness can negatively affect the user experience by attracting a wider and more diverse audience. 

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Viaplay returns to the US 

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The Nordic-origin streaming platform was briefly available in the US from February 2023 to February 2024. Starting April 17th, the catalog of this platform was integrated into Prime Video as part of its additional plans, costing USD 5.99 per month (the same price as the streaming platform). This addition allows Prime Video subscribers to access exclusive content from Nordic countries, with an initial offer including a 7-day free trial to explore the variety of programs and movies available. 

New Offer for IQIYI Anniversary 

To commemorate the anniversary of the Chinese platform, a promotional strategy was implemented on annual plans in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and England from April 19th to 25th. During this period, the Eastern content platform offered a 40% discount on premium annual plans, allowing viewing on up to 4 devices in 4K, and a 30% discount on standard annual plans, offering viewing on two devices in Full HD. 

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Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ Free for Three Days 

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Hulu TV offers Disney+ and ESPN+ with advertising for free for three days. After this period, a monthly payment of USD 76.99 is required to access the full content of the three platforms, as well as cable channels including ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, Telemundo, Cartoon Network, Discovery, Disney Channel, ESPN, MLB Network, NFL Network, among others. This offer marks a significant milestone, being the first time a free trial covering these three streaming platforms simultaneously has been presented. With this subscription, users can enjoy a wide range of content, from popular shows to live sports events, on a single consolidated platform. 

Prime Video Partners with Crunchyroll

In Mexico, Brazil, Austria, and Germany, Prime Video has introduced a new additional plan that includes Crunchyroll content with a 7-day free trial offer. This strategic partnership offers a more integrated and convenient entertainment experience, allowing subscribers to access a wide variety of content from a single platform. The Crunchyroll plans were already available in the US, Canada, and Great Britain. 

In these countries, Prime Video did not have exclusively anime content, so this integration with Crunchyroll represents a strategy to meet the demands of anime fans by improving the entertainment experience for users. This strategic measure reflects the platform’s commitment to excellence in customer satisfaction and the expansion of its reach in key markets. 

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Note: The prices listed in this message are those reported by the streaming platforms.

New Business Model in SkyShowtime 

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In line with the global trend of offering subscription plans with advertising, the European platform SkyShowtime, led by the joint venture between Comcast and Paramount Global, has launched a new plan with advertising starting April 23rd, through which users can save nearly 40% compared to the monthly plan without ads. This plan will be introduced in more than 20 markets, including Albania, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden. 

In this European region, SkyShowtime offers exclusive content for fans of the successful series “Yellowstone” and its derivatives 1883 and 1923, in addition to providing a wide range of content from Universal Pictures, DreamWorks, Sky Studios, Peacock, Nickelodeon, SHOWTIME®, and Paramount+. 

Starz News in the US 

Starz has introduced a new six-month subscription plan for just USD 19.99, offering significant savings of 66% compared to the Standard monthly subscription of USD 9.99. This plan offers subscribers full access to the Starz catalog, with titles likeOutlander,” “American Gods,” “Power,” and “Black Sails,” for six months, eliminating the need for monthly renewals, providing flexibility and convenience for those users looking to commit long-term at a reduced price. As an additional benefit, the platform also offers a promotional price offer of USD 5 for the first month, representing a USD 5 saving for subscribers. 

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New Ad Plans in Vix Premium in the US 

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On April 25th, the Mexican-origin platform incorporated new subscription plans with advertising. The monthly plan with advertising is available for USD 4.99, while the annual plan is for USD 34.99. This allows a 40% saving on the monthly plan and a 30% saving on the annual plan for the first year. 

Since last year, platforms like Netflix and Disney+ introduced new plans with ads in several countries around the world. This trend was widely adopted in the US, where platforms like AMC+ and Bet+ introduced their own advertising plans, thus joining Max, Paramount+, Peacock, and Hulu, which already offered subscription plans with advertising. This strategy drives platforms to expand their reach and diversify their audience, making streaming services more accessible to those users who could not afford a Standard subscription. However, it is crucial to consider that excessive advertising presence can deteriorate the user experience. 

ViX is a video streaming service focused on Spanish content, with over 100 television channels, thousands of movies, TV series, soap operas, football leagues, and news. Additionally, it offers original content and programming libraries from Univision and Televisa. ViX Premium includes 7,000 hours of live sports, including Liga MX Football and the UEFA Champions League. 

New Offer from MUBI 

MUBI has launched a promotional offer on its annual plan, allowing subscribers to save up to 36% compared to the standard annual subscription globally in all countries where the streaming platform is available. 

This “Flash Sale” strategy from MUBI, which was available for a limited time in November 2022, aims to incentivize longer subscription durations among users. This ensures a steady flow of revenue for the platform and, in turn, fosters user loyalty through significant discounts on their annual plans. 

Although MUBI positions itself as a globally accessible option, it is true that its catalog, while distinctive, may be perceived as more limited compared to other platforms. However, the uniqueness of the content remains an attractive point for many cinephiles. 

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